Why choose SBCYC?

Powerful Preaching

We make it a point to bring in godly men who faithfully preach the Word of God, not stories or opinions.

Christ-honoring Music

We believe that music should be pleasing to God. We strive to prepare hearts for the preaching, not create a “worship experience.”

Incredible Activities

Whether you compete for points, relax at the water park, or enjoy the rides at Kentucky Kingdom, SBCYC is loaded with awesomeness.

Hilarious Skits

Remember that time we interviewed for a new youth pastor? Or when we found frenemies in D.C.? Yeah, those were good times.

Helpful Sessions

Daily split sessions give an opportunity to teach guys, girls, college students, and workers with helpful lessons tailored to their specific needs.

Do you have the faith to Rise Above?

Many obstacles lay ahead in the Christian life. Sometimes it feels like now obstructions are added daily. Some are mocked by friends. Others are forsaken by family. In many parts of the world, many are persecuted by governments. But Paul asks in Romans 8 “What shall we then say to these things? If God be for us, who can be against us?” We want to challenge teens and young adults to stand fast in the love of God and vow to RISE ABOVE whatever challenges may come their way.

Our Dream Team

What Happened Last Year

Conference Cost


For this price you’ll get:

  • admission to all 14 sessions
  • five delicious meals
  • a relaxing morning at the waterpark

Pre-register by July 2 & save!

Pre-register your group by July 2 to avoid a $10 late fee. To pre-register, just send in your completed church registration form and the pre-registration fee of $20 per delegate. And be sure it’s postmarked by Monday, July 2; like Frank Robinson said, “Close don’t count in baseball. Close only counts in horseshoes and grenades.”

Still want Kentucky Kingdom?

This year, we decided to make youth conference more affordable than ever. But for those who still want to enjoy the great rides at Kentucky Kingdom before headed home, we are offering tickets, lunch, and unlimited drinks for an additional $20 (total cost: $100/delegate). Contact our office today to reserve your tickets.

Call us: (502) 775-8431

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